• Muriel Poncin, Executive Assistant Verlinvest SA

    Back in 2012, my job was at stake due to a massive reorganization. My Executive told me to start networking outside of the company and I attended a conference (early 2013) that was sponsored by IMA. I then decided to get in touch with the association and I do not regret it. Every single event gives you a boost in energy and a lot of ideas to implement. The network is impressive and really enriching, full of candid discussions with assistants from all horizons. I highly recommend people to attend as it is a powerful experience, you will be empowered and inspired

  • Cherine Baecker Student Office Management Howest Brugge

    IMA has helped me in my search for an external promotor for my thesis. IMA responded to my question in a very friendly manner and forwarded it to the IMA Belgium group. Thanks to the IMA network, I found a good external promotor who will coach me straight from the business

  • Ms. Baakil Head Teacher at ISES

    An association such as IMA allows students to access a network of professionals; it opens the doors; it enriches students with experience, opportunities and contacts. IMA offers the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of assistants; being mentored and coached by workplace professionals. I highly recommend our students to become IMA-members because they have a hard time approaching the workplace during their studies. Being able to meet with assistants; exchange and discuss different professional experiences enables them to be able to visualize their future.

  • Student ISES

    It was my first time at an IMA event. What Ms. Helen Monument explained was very interesting and I learned a lot about the beautiful profession of management assistants. Everything was explained clearly and there was an interaction with the public, comparable to an arm wrestling game, was very pleasant. We met a lot of people and the hotel where the event took place was so chic. I am thinking of becoming a member of IMA. This way, I can learn a lot of things.