Membership Benefits

  • access to our monthly events for 2 teachers/coordinators and 3 students of choice
  • the 2 teachers/coordinators are considered to be the professional members and therefore have the same full rights; i.e. they
  • gain access to the online platform (in their own name, access cannot be shared)
  • have a vote in the AGM
  • receive personal mailings and invites
  • can attend Training Days and Conferences at member fees
  • may attend the Christmas dinner The 3 students
  • need to be registered through our registration platform to confirm attendance and indicate they come as a prospect
  • can bring fellow students who can visit the monthly events at the rate of 10 euro per person per event; these students also need to register, but as a non-member


Your are eligible to become a school member if you are a school or a department, teaching office management and related courses (at high school, bachelor, master or at university level)


-Become a school member at a yearly (01.01 - 31.12) membership fee of 350 euro.

-Students can also apply for a personal professional membership themselves.

-The yearly fee for a student membership is 49,50 euro and grants the student a membership equal to a professional membership for assistants.


To become a school member or student member or for any other questions about this membership type please contact our Training and Education Officer Muriel Poncin

IMA comes to your school !

Muriel Poncin can come and present IMA in your school. Teachers and students will get the unique opportunity to ask her questions and understand the real benefits of the membership. Contact her for scheduling a presentation of IMA at