Thursday 16 Feb


Whistle Blower

In order to protect employees who report on the criminal activities of others the EU put the Whistle-Blowers directive in place. The aim of this Directive is to protect employees who ‘out’ their company or co-workers from direct or indirect retaliation.

This directive was recently updated and some of those updates have a direct impact on not only us, but also our companies. Which is why IMA Belgium invited Alexander De Jaeger to explain the new whistleblowing legislation and what it means in practice.

Alexander De Jaeger is Advisor on Integrity in the Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister De Sutter, where he is piloting regulatory initiatives in the field of integrity and supports integrity projects in different fields.

He holds a degree in Anti-Corruption Studies (International Anti-Corruption Academy), an MBA (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management), and is currently completing a doctoral program at the Leuven Institute of Criminology. Alexander has a long experience in different ministries of the Belgian federal public service, but also in the private sector (Colruyt, Mobius Business Redesign) and the humanitarian sector (International Committee of the Red Cross).

Whistle Blower
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