National MarCom Officer : 

General  :

  • To create as much visibility as possible for IMA on national level in close cooperation with the other NC members
  • To follow-up the corporate IMA identity (see the guidelines on the website)
  • To identify potential partners, sponsors, ….
  • To exchange information on potential partners within the National Committee
  • To give and receive feedback on contacted companies in their own country, including outcome.
  • To share promotional material with the Executive PR Officer
  • To actively participate in the Council meetings.
  • To liaise with the Executive PR Officer to include the Executive Committee's point of view.
  • To brief successor and pass on files


Marketing, Communication and Social Media:

  • Implement the Association’s communication strategy in line with the current IMA strategy and ensure that the objectives linked with specific parts of the strategy are achieved within the National Group.
  • Establish and maintain links with any media channel, organisations and companies who could offer
  • publicity and advancement of IMA – International Management Assistants’ aims.
  • Implement the strategy for obtaining sponsorship for the activities and the website, both on national
  • level.
  • Together with the National Treasurer, establish the PR budget.
  • Ensure that an appropriate stock of promotional material is available
  • Develop a constructive relationship with fellow National Committee Members and national membership as a whole, for the success and continuous advancement of IMA.
  • Establish and maintain close links with the Executive PR Officer, as well as the other national PR
  • Officers
  • In cooperation with fellow National Committee members, organise events, seminars, visits etc., of
  • general interest to IMA members.
  • Provide the Website coordinator with contributions as well as sponsorship.
  • Ensure that appropriate means of communication are developed and used on a regular basis in close
  • cooperation with the fellow National Committee members.
  • Feed the social media channels on national level.



  • Actively participate in local events, including seminars, visits, members’ meetings, National Committee meetings and the National AGM.
  • Actively participate to the Council meeting.
  • Actively participate in the AGM.