See below for some interesting news about IMA

See below for some interesting news about IMA

Tinne De Beckker joins as Deputy PR Officer

Tinne De Beckker joined IMA Belgium as a member in 2020. She agreed to take on the role of Deputy PR Officer. Tinne and Leen worked together several years ago and know each other really well. They will use their creative minds to lift IMA Belgium to a higher level. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Frieda Catteeuw joins as Deputy Treasurer

Frieda has been a member of IMA Belgium for years and has taken up several roles in the past. We are pleased that Frieda agreed to take up the role as Deputy Treasurer as from November 2019.

Christmas Newsletter from our National Chairman

New NC members

Your NC has two new members : Frieda Catteeuw who has taken on the role of Deputy Treasurer and Tinne De Beckker who is now our brand new Deputy PR Officer. Welcome to you both and thank you for helping out. There is still room for a deputy chairman and a membership officer. Don’t hesitate to apply. These positions are challenging but also rewarding.

IMA in 2021

As you have gathered from the Newsletter IMA sent out not long ago, 2021 will be a virtual year. Several virtual events will be organised during the year. Block the dates in your calendar. You will also find all pertinent information on the updated and smartphone-friendly website Sabrina Franchini and Christina Bagge-Kragh, the new web coordinator, are currently setting up together with a taskforce.

Strategy 2021

Strategy is key to keeping us alive and kicking. That’s why IMA Belgium set up a working group in order to answer the questions IMA Global wants to address. You can still join us and contribute to the future of IMA. Just send a message to

A new addition to our international family

Speaking of strategy, IMA keeps growing : our colleagues in India are setting up a group. How exciting!

IMA Belgium in 2021

In accordance with the sanitary crisis IMA Belgium will also stay virtual, at least the first trimester if not semester. We’ll start the year with a focus on South-Africa, even is the International Conference is deferred to a later date, we still want to highlight this country with a vibrant community of assistants. Postponing just means we have more time to save up for the voyage!

To end on a festive note

To thank you for your continued support and for being a member in these bizarre times and as we will not be able to celebrate Christmas together, you will have received a little gift from us. Let’s decorate our background, or put on something Christmassy on Thursday for our last event of the year and give this weird year a festive send off.