25th February - Meet & Greet with Desmet Ballestra - Frederic Heymans

The speaker

Frederic Heymans (54) is Managing Director EMASA at Desmet Ballestra since 2016, but with a 30-year career in the company. His basic background in engineering and his career has led him to various management tasks in the group including Project Execution, Engineering, Purchasing, IT, Quality Control and General Management.

Based in Zaventem, Frederic is in charge of the activities in EMASA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa and South America) with offices in Zaventem, Moscow, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo.

Desmet Ballestra’s history in a nutshell:

In 1946 Jean-Albert De Smet, a director at Oliemolen (Antwerp), developed the first horizontal continual process for extracting oils form seeds.

In order to protect his invention, he decided to establish his own company Extraction De Smet. Both company and its product range grew quickly. Over the years the company merged with other international companies, such as Rosedowns (UK) and Ballestra(Italy). The latter being a specialist in industrial cleaning agents and chemicals related to the processing of oil. This collaboration meant a larger market share for the group in the growing biodiesel market. Acquiring an interest in the French group Stolz in 1988 gave De Smet access to the agricultural market.

Desmet is active in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.


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