Vanessa Smets
Thursday 16 Mar

Vanessa Smets, Jack of all Trades, has explored many paths during her twenty-year career. Having shared her time, by coincidence, equally between private industry and nonprofit, she now leverages her business and storytelling skills to progress strategic projects at Skyguide, a Swiss Confederation-owned company. Currently, she drives mindset change to enable successful implementation of Virtual Centre touchdown, a digital transformation project, by turning spreadsheets into stories.


In this talk, Vanessa will share from experience how business storytelling and change management go hand in hand. She will provide real-life examples demonstrating how storytelling is a powerful tool when you aim to make change or progress happen, need to enable decision-making, or foster consensus or collaboration. She will also share some tips and tricks on how you can start crafting and using your own stories to get more of what you (or your boss) want.